Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Room of words

We built our conversations
Brick by brick; stone by stone
Though there was no mortar
we could still make room!

Walls seem very weak
there's no base for foundation
she could foresee collapse
he though he'd strengthen!


They lived their dreams
they sand their songs
he would sing for her
she'd lay calm in his lap!

Wondering about life
Questioning past actions
Projecting future reflections
They were sure to travel
Together or also
Is all left to their interactions!

-Aparna Bhumi

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Absurd thoughts

Culture is the resisting factor of change said one fine man.

Those who fear change love the culture they are in.
Those who fear culture tend to change.
Those who are fed up of culture integrate change into existing culture
and what about those who hate existing culture?

Do they hate everything about culture?

What do they do to destroy this culture?

They form a new culture?

So change is forming a new culture or no culture?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Memories or memoirs

As I take a deep dive into my past;
Neither way back nor too close.

I hit these tiny pebbles; tiny they are
But the memories they built were
never tiny or quantifiable.
I could never express before
Not even today!
Not that I want to change
Not that I want to relive
All I wish for is to accept.

Accept that the moment has passed.
All that remains are
Memories or memoirs.

They are still there and might be
be the bees that wasp around the present.

I hope not!

As I see it ceases nothing from present
Also hard to recollect all glory past
Just that I am shelled by the beauty!
Beauty of that moment
Which lasted hardly long!

-Aparna Bhumi
Lost Book of Kerala Dairies

Friday, 3 April 2015


Interesting poem on different seasons from Maikal Hills

In the month of Sawan
The rain pours down
In the month of Bhandon
All rivers are deep
Today begins Kuar
when the Panda ties the skin on drums
Today begins Kartik
When the panda lights his lamp
Today begins Aghan and Pus
when frost covers the ground
Today begins Magh and Phagun
When colored water this about 
Today begins the Chait  
When Panda sows linseed 
whose music fills the air
whose drums beats ghan ghan
O the deep music of the Kalsa 
The deep music of the drum

-Folksongs from the MAIKAL Hills

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Loosing to Randomness

Things aren't certain like what maths and physics teach.
where everything can be solved by equations.
They aren't linear like economics too.
If we want to solve them through equations and graphs we might as well do.
Statistics does the magic. It eliminates everything different and normalizes everything.
Isn't it fun if we just experience instead of explain/generalize or categorize them?

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Unthink - Chris Paley

'Why you don't think the way you think you think' these words almost made me think that who ever wrote em is definitely high. I must warn you reading this book also gives a similar feeling.

Though I wasn't convinced with most of the stuff dealt in the book especially parts where he tries to explain unconscious and conscious mind games and vouches that it always happens 'his way'. But there are some amazing one liner statements which I loved and I thought it should be shared. Each one liner has a story to unfold.. Any case this is no book review..

Thought alone cannot tell us what thought is for
We can only understand ourselves through experiments on other people.
Imitation is sincerest form of flattery.
We live through metaphors and metaphors live through us.
Remembering something doesn’t mean it happened.
We like things more the more we see them.
We do what we imagine others do.
Finding a rational justification for moral decisions isn’t easy.
Our moral decisions are primarily emotional decisions.
Moral reasoning is for defending choices not making them.
We make better lawyers than judges
When something’s really bad, we have to blame someone, even if it’s the victim.
We re-use the tools that are lying around in the brain rather than invent new ones.
People who don’t believe in free will choose to be bad.
We have an emotional attachment to the rational nature of our irrational choices.
Art and philosophy are how we think about things that haven’t yet become a science.
Most people put more time into learning things than understanding how their minds work.

The unconscious does what the conscious thinks the conscious does
We don’t need to be conscious to do the things we are conscious of.
The way we think of learning is due to the way we are taught rather than the way we learn.
Our unconscious can read and it is taught to understand value of money.
The unconscious rules and it determines the way we behave.
If the brain is a library, the mind is a lazy reader.
Your hand’s eye is more accurate than your mind’s eye.

You might think it’s what’s inside that count. But your brain constructs inside from the inside from the outside, whether you’re looking at someone else – or yourself.
We don’t choose something because we like it, we like it because we choose it.
You invent the method used to solve a problem after you’ve solved the problem.
We believe we want to do what we are doing, otherwise how would we explain to others why we are doing it?
Culture is possible because we do what others do and believe we want to do what we do.
We can see without being conscious of seeing, but we can only explain what we see with consciousness.
Arguments are used for defending choices, not making them.

Minds don’t exist, but they are still useful
To understand ourselves, we have to understand how we understand other people.
To make predictions about other people, we need to model them. We don’t know how we or other people work; we can only model minds.
A model doesn’t have to be right to be useful.
Animals can behave socially without knowing anything about minds.
Once we’ve mastered a skill it is the decision to use this skill rather than the mechanical details that are interesting.
We are aware about conflicts because they are interesting.
Getting ourselves right is harder – and less important – than getting other people right.
Minds are hard to study because we have them.
Consciousness is to the brain what a PR agent is to a company. And it is for understanding other people, not ourselves.

Consciousness is only one of many advisers in the brain, and it can be made more or less influential
Consciousness is just one adviser in the brain, and it doesn’t the strongest one.
Exercise strengthens your mental muscles as well as your physical muscles.
If we look after our brain it will allow us to do more of what we want to do.
Knowing that you are trapped in an illusion doesn’t help you to escape.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Random - Here and there!

They had a world of their own. He had a sky to flee his wings and fly at his will. It intrigued him, love especially theirs, which seems to have been full of codes and rituals. Almost all of them devised by her.

Eyes shone behind the curls of smoke.


I loved the word hypothesis. It sounded adult and beautifully alien. I had never heard anything like it before. I wanted more words like it. I felt, instinctively, that when you had enough words like hypothesis, you'd be able to deal with world. I was not sure, I would ever be able to deal with the world. It seemed too big and demanding and there was not a fixed syllabus.


Thoughts are like electric currents, and inside her head they ran uncontrolled. Flashing and sizzling. When he looked into her eyes, stories they shared got intensified. His mole down the lip shined like a star beside moon. His curly hair shaded her surroundings as if it was submerged in dark clouds.


That's why Indian women fall ill, Em said. So that their husbands will hold their hands.

Random Lines from: 'Em and the big hoom' by Jerry Pinto.