Monday, 24 March 2014


She has the most vibrant feathers
He has no eyes to see them!

To conceal her wings from world
She flew in the night
Out of everyone's sight!

Not sure how far she flew
Not sure if he has a cure!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Good bye

I regret and feel the pain in taking my steps back
You left me with no choice but to turn back...
Let me tell you that time made me more stubborn
Stubborn than what I look or how you perceive..
I never desire to travel the same road
I cannot walk into a new road like you did
We belong to different worlds
And you made me realize.
Good bye to the age of innocence.

-Aparna Bhumi

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spell bound self

Oh spell master!

The spell you casted on me seems so strong and I am still under it's influence.
Our medium is mind and we travel through thoughts.
Stop giving those psychic vibes and hinder this evolution.
Let me get back to my world where I am more alive.
I don't want to be re-casted and I can't rebound.
I want to free myself from your shades and deeds.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Two fish..

As we sat together and stared at empty sky
Listening to the rustling wind and wondering
Why are we so passionate about anything?
So deep that it is becoming hard to come up
Is it in our blood or place we hail from
Aren't we two lost fish of the same stream?
Who knows our genes could be related..
Though we are not totally clones 
Our thoughts definitely are cloned..

Monday, 10 March 2014

Grant Clarity

I can read your silence
I wish you could read my thoughts!
You amuse me lot and disappoint too.
I am not too sure about the journey.
I am scared little and pleased lot.
Stop giving me those beams of sunshine
It is heating my mind and burning heart
The time has a tale and you have to speak.
Speak, and solace my gregarious brain
I was a free bird and you caged me
you caged me in your thoughts
You caged me in your silence
I am comfortably numb at this stage
I have no idea about next page
For me clarity is nowhere
Till you read my thoughts
Till you speak
Till you fly with me!
Time to free me and yourself too...
Clarity is all I demand!

Monday, 3 March 2014


Good argument is 'rationally persuasive' it gives a substantial reason to think the conclusion is true.What is true and what isn't depends on the individual and the frame one is shaped. Does this mean every argument is rationally persuasive(as it serves individuals rationality)?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

After half a decade - a meaningless equation

Perfect correlations exist
As long we interpret them
to relate and intercept
over analyze moments
attach multiple meanings
till it breaks we fail to see
It's a meaningless equation
coefficients hardly linked
no derivations or reminders
realize it's neither perfect
nor related..
It exists as we see it
and we assume it to be true
truth is how we define it..
All those moments are
really disappearing
It doesn't pain much
It is bringing clarity
Thoughts are free now
free as a bird..
Now laughing how did I do?
Fail to interpret the way it is
rather as What I want..

It is a meaningless equation I tried equating to my self
After half a decade.. The truth is dissolving now!